We have online and offline documentation as HTML and PDF format. The user guide offers comprehensive descriptions and code examples to all Citrus features on board. In case you miss something in our documentation please tell us. Also in case you discover something wrong or unclear please do not hesitate to tell us. Find below the reference documentation for the latest Citrus release version.

Release documentation

Version Documentation
4.2.1 HTML | PDF
4.2.0 HTML | PDF
4.1.1 HTML | PDF
4.1.0 HTML | PDF
4.0.2 HTML | PDF
4.0.1 HTML | PDF
4.0.0 HTML | PDF
3.4.0 HTML | PDF
3.3.1 HTML | PDF
3.3.0 HTML | PDF
3.2.1 HTML | PDF
3.2.0 HTML | PDF

Additional documentation material

Contribute changes

In case you would like to checkout the Citrus code base and build Citrus yourself follow these instructions: