The Citrus universe consists of multiple modules and side projects that cover specific needs. See below the list of available Citrus solutions.

Base framework for automated integration tests. Provides easy integration with multiple transports such as Apache Kafka, Http REST, JMS, TCP/IP, SOAP, FTP, SSH, XML, JSON and more!

One single test is able to act as both client and server on several messaging interfaces. Citrus provides strong validation of XML, Json and plaintext message content and integrates with Spring features such as security, database connectivity, producer and consumer templates.

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YAKS is a framework to enable Cloud Native BDD testing on Kubernetes! Cloud Native here means that your tests execute as Kubernetes PODs.

As a user you can run tests by creating a Test custom resource on your favorite Kubernetes based cloud provider. Once the YAKS operator is installed it will listen for custom resources and automatically prepare a test runtime that runs the test as part of the cloud infrastructure.

Tests in YAKS follow the BDD (Behavior Driven Development) concept and represent feature specifications written in Gherkin syntax.

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Web-based user interface for managing Citrus projects and test cases. You can open Citrus projects, review the Spring bean configuration as well as the Citrus components. Also you can view and start tests with detailed reporting as outcome.

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Simulates any 3rd party interface as client and/or server. Typically used in acceptance test environments where a foreign service partner is simply not available. Users can explore a software during manual acceptance tests while each incoming request on the simulator triggers a defined scenario that creates a proper response message.

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Feedback to any of those projects is very welcome!