Citrus Integration

Automated integration tests for message protocols and data formats!

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Integration challenge

How Citrus works with automated tests

Test Scenario

In a typical test scenario the system under test is deployed on some application server and interacts with Citrus over various message transports. During the test run Citrus is able to act on both sides as client and/or server simulating request/response messages.

With each test step you can validate the exchanged messages with expected control data. The test is fully automated and repeatable, so you can easily add the integration tests to your continuous build.

Citrus TestTalks Interview

Integration Automation Using Citrus Testing Framework with Christoph Deppisch

TestTalks Interview

Joe Colantonio talks to Christoph Deppisch about automate integration tests for pretty much any messaging protocol or data format. So if you’re looking to expand your automation efforts beyond lame, flaky, UI-based automated tests, this episode is for you. Listen to this testtalks episode at

Citrus & Cucumber BDD

Citrus "Tools in action" session @DevoxxUS 2017

The concept of behavior driven development (BDD) is quite simple. Business analysts and domain experts describe how the application should behave using Gherkin (given-when-then) feature stories. Developers glue those specifications to automated tests. The talk combines the frameworks Cucumber and Citrus and gives some code examples that demonstrate how the behavior driven approach fits to testing the messaging integration with Http REST, JMS and mail.

Testing Microservices

Citrus "Tools in action" session @DevoxxBE 2015

Citrus integrates with frameworks like Apache Camel, Arquillian, Kubernetes and Docker in order to provide automated integration testing of Microservice applications. The tools in action session gives a brief introduction to the Citrus framework and shows code samples for a complete integration test scenario in a Microservices environment.