See below a list of features that Citrus provides as a test automation framework for enterprise integration testing. If you are missing a feature in Citrus please help us and submit a feature request. You can also just vote for ideas and features on github, so we can start developing those things that are most relevant to you.

Control the test flow

  • Send and receive messages and specify control messages for validation
  • Simulate interface partners supporting a wide range of protocols (Http, JMS, SOAP WebServices, TCP/IP, …)
  • Force timeouts and error situations
  • Define the sequence of messages
  • Wait for messages to arrive
  • Trigger messages and validate responses
  • Save dynamic message content and reuse those later in test case (proper response generation with dynamic identifiers)
  • Test complex messaging scenarios with step by step sequence of operations
  • Use advanced logic in test cases (loops, delays, retries, parallel sections, …)
  • Message validation

Message validation

  • Json message payload validation
  • JsonPath element validation
  • Groovy Json validation
  • XML message payload validation
  • XML tree comparison
  • XPath element validation
  • Groovy XML validation
  • XML schema and DTD validation
  • Groovy message validaiton
  • Database access/validation

Validate existence of data

  • Prepare/simulate database content
  • Execute queries and use database content in tests
  • Test writing

Human readable tests (XML format)

  • Simple test creation (cross-editor support, XML schema support)
  • Separation of test cases and environment configurations (easy environment switching, improved maintenance)
  • Effective testing

Test grouping / test templates / test suites

  • IDE support (execute tests as TestNG/JUnit tests from Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA or NetBeans)
  • Integration into build lifecycle (Maven, ANT)
  • Reliable failure descriptions
  • Reports and test results
  • Parallel test execution realistic message load on tested system and faster test runs
  • Provide test plan and document test coverage
  • Framework extensions

Write adapters to support more protocols

  • Write customized functions
  • Write customized test actions
  • Execute Groovy code