More than ten years ago I started out on a journey to implement a Java testing framework that provides automated integration tests for message-based enterprise applications with support for multiple messaging transports and data formats.

The result is called Citrus which is an Open Source project used by many development and testing teams all over the world. Ever since then I have spent lots of energy to further developing the Citrus framework and spreading the word for fully automated integration tests. It has been a very enjoyable and adventurous journey that will change somewhat in the near future. I am about to leave the company ConSol and move to distant shores along the Java Open Source community. ConSol has always been and continues to be a great sponsor and supporter of the Citrus framework.

As part of this move I will handover the lead developer role of Citrus to my colleague @SvenHettwer. Sven is a perfect match for this position as I have spent the past twelve months working very closely with him, providing lots of insights and in-depth knowledge, on the Citrus framework. Project maintenance and professional consulting will be continued as before by ConSol and its test automation specialists.

As for me, I will be taking on a new opportunity (to be announced soon). Having said that I will try to continue to be part of the Citrus Open Source community. As my passion for automated integration testing is still very strong I will be thrilled to be joining forces along the path.

I am very proud of what Citrus and the community behind it have accomplished over the past decade and I am very excited to see what the future holds. I am absolutely positive that Citrus will continue to master the challenges in test automation for the software development community. I can not wait to see that the framework continues to evolve with the goal to helping people write well tested software.

Christoph Deppisch (@freaky_styley)

Developer & Founder, Citrus