Trace variables

You already know the action that prints messages to the console or logger. The action is specially designed to trace all currently valid test variables to the console. This was mainly used by us for debug reasons. The usage is quite simple:


<testcase name="traceVariablesTest">
        <variable name="myVariable" value="12345"/>
        <variable name="nextVariable" value="54321"/>
            <variable name="myVariable"/>
            <variable name="nextVariable"/>


Java DSL designer and runner

public void traceTest() {
    variable("myVariable", "12345");
    variable("nextVariable", "54321");

    traceVariables("myVariable", "nextVariable");

Simply add the action to your action chain and all variables will be printed out to the console. You are able to define a special set of variables by using the child elements. See the output that was generated by the test example above:

Current value of variable myVariable = 12345
Current value of variable nextVariable = 54321